SOLD…  Acrosonic 36″ Theatre Spinet Piano

Baldwins have long been favorites of piano teachers and have a well-earned reputation for being sturdy, well-built, maintenance-free instruments and the Acrosonic by Baldwin piano is by far, the best of its kind. Many people like the low-profile appearance of the spinet but other manufacturers offer poorly built models to achieve a low price point. This instrument was designed for the home and the family.  Many are passed down from generation to generation.  Baldwin defines the American sound.  Its famous scale design makes for a clear pretty tenor and treble with a nice sustain. The bass section is surprisingly gutsy and resonant for the piano’s 36″ height.  Of note, the string length and soundboard area is equal to or exceeds many 40-inch consoles of other brands. The casters are recessed into the bottom so the interior extends nearly all the way to the floor where the strings and soundboard terminate. One can’t even get a toe under this model due to its ½-inch clearance. The touch is expressive and has a nice feel, unlike nearly every other spinet ever built. There is a large music desk with a long sheet music lip so heavy books or long music charts can be accommodated.

Acrosonic by Baldwin PianoAcrosonic by Baldwin Piano






This piano was built in 1953 though in piano-years it is much younger, having been played sparingly.  It has lived in Albuquerque for decades so it is happily acclimated to our unique climate and won’t have any service issues.  There is minimal wear on the hammers and action parts.  The structural integrity is excellent.  All of the tuning pins are tight.  It spent a week in our piano restoration shop receiving basic tuning, regulation, cleaning and minor adjustments.  The cabinetry veneers are in genuine mahogany and the finish is satin lacquer.  It has an ornate theatre styling with its regal curved front profile above the keys and art-deco accents. The original bench with storage is included.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.  Acrosonic by Baldwin Piano:  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $1150.

The unique design of its spinet model made the Acrosonic range of models the most popular in American piano building history. Akros, a Greek word meaning “extreme or topmost” became Acro – “Expanded”.  The Acropolis is a citadel at the highest point of an ancient Greek city.  Sonic derives from sonus and denotes “Sound”.  Therefore, the model name Acrosonic refers to the “Expanded sound” of this smaller piano. The name is registered in the US Patent Office.  A history of the Baldwin Piano Company

Acrosonic by Baldwin Piano

Theatre-styling Acrosonic by Baldwin piano with art-deco accents.