Story and Clark Spinet Piano

Story and Clark Spinet Piano

Beginner piano or elegant furniture piece?

Behold the nearly flawless authentic ivory natural keys and the hardwood and black-lacquered sharp keys on this adorable Story and Clark spinet piano.  The vibe of the furniture style is art-deco.  The lid has a theatre-style shape, the scrolled music rack is out of the ordinary, the legs are fluted with little “crowns” at the top and the finish is a warm, rich mahogany.  The covering for the keys is a two-piece Boston-style fallboard with a long piano hinge that won’t scratch the sides or warp and get stuck inside. It has been a permanent resident here in Albuquerque, so it is happily acclimated and well-adjusted to our unique climate.  Though the piano was built in 1939 it has a modest amount of wear.  The overall condition is excellent; structurally and aesthetically.  We provided a thorough action regulation, cleaning and multiple tunings for stability in our restoration shop.  The tuning pins are tight, so it holds tune well.  Given Story & Clark’s well-earned reputation for maintenance-free durability, this piano should provide more years of enjoyment and musical fulfillment.  The original bench with storage is included and it’s been upholstered recently.  We’re happy to warrant the instrument for two years.    Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Art-deco style vibe.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano Ivories at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Nearly perfect pearly-white ivory keys and hardwood sharp keys.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Luxurious Hotel del Coronado

Hampton Story began his retail piano business in 1857 and was joined by Melville Clark in 1884.  They actually had a thriving reed organ manufacturing business in Chicago, Ill. before they built pianos.  There were also factories in London, England and Berlin, Germany.   When they began building pianos, the factory was located in Grand Haven, Michigan which was called “Furniture Country” at the time due to its numerous furniture factories.  Logging and lumber mills thrived there due to the vast forests of diverse timber in the area which included the northern US and Canada.  Hardwoods and softwoods were plentiful.  A piano is constructed with various different species of wood, depending on the need whether it be strength, flexibility, density, beauty, uniformity of grain etc.  After leaving the piano industry, Mr. Story went on to help develop Coronado Island across the bay from San Diego and build the luxurious Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California.  “Hotel del” is an architectural gem and the second largest wooden structure in the US.  The Crown room is perfectly round and built without any metal fasteners like nails, screws or bolts, but only wooden dowels, joints and pegs. Mr. Clark, ironically went on to found QRS (Quality Roll Systems – think player-piano rolls) in 1901 and designed old-fashioned pneumatic (air pressure with a bellows) player-pianos and eventually, new electronic disk-player systems that became popular in the 1990’s.  Those systems are actually wireless today and play wirelessly through networks with no need for disk drives.  QRS acquired the Story & Clark Piano Co. in 1993 in order to offer these player-systems in their own pianos.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano S# 157538 Mfg. 1939 Satin Mahogany finish

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – Only $1250.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano Crowns at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Curved theatre-shaped lid, ornate music rack and “Crowns”.

Story and Clark Spinet Piano Fallboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Boston-style fallboard to protect the ivories.

Pearl River model GP142 Grand Piano

Pearl River model GP142 Grand Piano

Petite ebony Grand Piano in pristine condition.

  This understated, small grand piano doesn’t have a big tone, but it has a pretty one.  It certainly won’t fill a concert hall with thunderclaps of bass tonality, but it makes perfect sense for a smaller living space where the pianist values the feel and touch of the grand piano-action.  The wider dynamic range, better key leverage and the feel of the hammers being in direct opposition to the force of gravity are advantages over an upright piano-action.  In addition to the smaller footprint, apartment dwellers may also appreciate the reduced volume carrying into other neighboring apartments.  The Pearl River model GP-142 grand piano is equipped with several features also found in the bigger pianos of the line, that could be omitted in other piano lines in order to reduce costs.  It has a true Sostenuto pedal in the middle where many small pianos don’t.  A creative pianist can expand their playing ability and performances with Sostenuto.  The fallboard has a Slow-close function to spare fingers from being smashed and loud crashes when a fallboard accidently falls.  In addition to the standard long lid-prop it also has a second short one for the half-lid position.  Lowering the lid to halfway is a handsome way to display your piano.  Its spade legs are more shapely than regular square ones on other models.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery and set-up is included.  The matching padded bench with music storage is also included.

Pearl River model GP142 Grand Piano Half Prop at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Stately and handsome half-prop position. Duet-sized, padded, matching piano bench with music storage.

Pearl River model GP142 Grand Piano Reflection at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Stunningly beautiful, inside and out.

Pearl River model GP-142 Grand Piano S# 959648 Mfg. 2003 Ebony Polish

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – only $4450.

Pearl River model GP142 Grand Piano Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Compact, yet grand piano tone quality.

Pearl River today, is the largest and best-selling piano manufacturer in the world and they have the largest market share in retail sales worldwide. They are sold in over 112 countries. Pearl River dominates the Chinese market share with 40% of all the new pianos purchased. The modern 1.2 million square foot factory is located in Guangzhou, China and employs over 4000 workers. With over 8500 individual parts in a grand piano, a location with lower labor rates is desirable. Every single large, small or tiny part is handled by human hands. Pearl River Piano Group builds the Ritmuller and Kayserburg pianos as well as pianos for other companies, including the Essex for Steinway & Sons.
This instrument is a one-owner. It was purchased new here in Albuquerque at the long-time Pearl River Piano dealership, Kitt Fine Pianos, so it has lived in a dry climate all its life and is happily acclimated to our unique humidity level. It should provide many more decades of musical enjoyment. It is in excellent condition, structurally and aesthetically. We will be happy to offer a two-year warranty. It came to us needing very little in the way of piano dealer prep in our restoration shop. We cleaned it thoroughly, regulated and tightened the piano-action and tuned with only a slight pitch correction. It plays well and the tone quality (timbre) is center-mellow. Many small pianos have a thin, shallow tone but this was avoided through better engineering and construction techniques plus higher quality materials.
Pearl River GP142 Grand Piano Essex at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano

Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano

Mfg. 1878 patented “Cottage Upright” Piano –

Lyon & Healy Upright piano is an Elegant Old Lady and a bit of Americana.

Vintage manufacture year of 1878 and viable musicality is represented in this 19th century period piece, meaning she plays well and looks great! This beautiful piano arrived in Albuquerque by way of the new railroad in 1889 and was unloaded at the train depot downtown. It was delivered by a horse drawn wagon east of downtown to the Ridgecrest neighborhood where it stayed in the home and family for three generations. A fire department Captain acquired it from family members after the home was to be sold. It was taken to the captain’s firehouse where he played it during down times. This was great entertainment for the other firefighters and himself. Upon his retirement two years later, 88 Keys Piano Warehouse became aware of the instrument, and we acquired the Lady. 1878 is also the year Lyon & Healy patented this “Cottage Upright“, a small boudoir-size upright that enjoyed great success because it didn’t visually dominate the room like larger uprights did.

Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Lyon & Healy patented “Cottage Upright”.
Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano Ivories at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Nearly pristine original genuine Ivory keytops and hardwood lacquered sharp keys.

This vintage Lyon and Healy upright piano features a completely original structure and parts, and it came to us in fairly amazing condition. All that was needed was tuning, a few minor repairs and action regulation by the technicians here at 88 Keys restoration shop. This process was done over several weeks. The tired finish was brought back by using natural oils and to ward off future drying out and cracking. We believe the finish is rosewood. The original key-tops are genuine ivory and are in great condition. The sharp keys are hardwood lacquered black (possibly maple or hornbeam) and also in great condition. It is tuned to the standard pitch of that era, meaning a little flat so it has a warm, mellow tone and is ideal for classical music. This piano was literally built with hand tools – there was no electricity in the factory for tools or lighting, just the light furnished by way of the large open windows. All carvings were probably rendered using a variety of handsaws, chisels, wooden mallets, rasps and hand-drills.

Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano Leg at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Hand-carved American Old-world craftmanship.
Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano S at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Hand-painted Serial Number with flourishes by the resident factory artist.

Lyon and Healy, Est. 1864 in Chicago, Illinois has a historical presence in American musical instrument building. Their amazing harps are what they are best known for. They began building them in 1889 and quickly became regarded as the finest harp in the world. They were known to be durable and stable in harsh climates, unlike the more delicate ones built in Europe. Although the pianos were discontinued in the 1970’s, these harps are still being built in Chicago to this very day.

The authentic antique piano stool built sometime in the 19th century is included. It has ball and claw feet. Professional local, first-floor piano delivery is included, also.

Lyon & Healy “Cottage Upright” Piano S# 8426 Mfg. 1878 Rosewood finish

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $3450.

Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano Fallboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Rosewood finish and rounded fallboard to protect the lovely ivories.
Vintage Lyon and Healy Upright Piano Music Rack at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Free-standing music rack.
Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano

6′-1″ “Imperial Collection” Conservatory Grand Piano.

This graceful piano is elegantly adorned with beautiful spade legs and a modern-styled cabinet with clean crisp lines.  The classic polished ebony polyester resin finish would make an excellent addition to any homes’ decor.  Multiple coats were applied and after the required drying time, the cabinet was hand-buffed to a mirrored high-gloss sheen.  This Hallet Davis model HD185 grand piano was skillfully crafted from the world’s finest materials.  Hand selected hardwood and genuine wood veneers were incorporated to build this musical instruments’ cabinet.  It features the finest 100% wool German hammer and damper felts, German steel strings and pure copper-wound bass strings, long-grained solid Sitka spruce soundboard and ribs, 17-ply hard rock maple delignit glue pinblock, White spruce and maple keyboard and action parts, hardwood rim and beams, wet sand cast plate (harp), solid brass pedals and a host of other quality materials and construction techniques.  All woods were kiln dried to international standards so the piano can thrive in dry climates like ours.  Using German scale and technical designs coupled with precision machinery, Hallet Davis has succeeded in developing a high-quality European-styled piano at an affordable price.

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano 6 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Classic Ebony high-polish finish

This piano came to us from northern New Mexico.  It was serviced by Alexander Boggs, owner of 88 Keys Piano Warehouse.  The piano had very little playing time so there is minimal wear in the action and other moving parts.  We had to do very little to it in our restoration shop and it was in nearly sellable condition when we acquired it.  The original bench is included and so is complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery.

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano. S# 40230 Mfg. 2012 

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $10,950.

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano 5 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

German World Class Scale Design

At 6’-1” in length, it is larger than a baby or parlor grand piano. This is a conservatory grand that would meet the needs of most performance venues featuring live music and institutional settings like houses of worship and schools. The robust bass response from the longer string length and larger soundboard size and the warm, rich tonal quality and bell-like clarity would uplift nearly all musical genres.  It could be suitable for a serious amateur pianist or a professional.  These are durable, low-maintenance, well-built pianos and it ought to give decades of musical enrichment to the next owner.

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano 2 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Est. 1842

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano 7 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Imperial Collection Series

Originally established in Boston in 1839, Hallet Davis & Co. is one of the oldest American names in piano manufacturing. Hallowed, staid and revered, the company has a rich history. They have received numerous competitive awards and medals at World’s Fairs and the greatest expositions world-wide. During the Paris Exhibition of 1867 Franz Liszt, the great pianist-composer, played on a Hallet Davis piano and enthusiastically endorsed it. So did Johann Strauss in Berlin, 1871. In 1911, His Holiness Pope Pius X selected a Hallet Davis for the Vatican and awarded its makers a gold medal. Mr. Hallet and Mr. Davis are long gone of course, so the company has had various ownerships. For most of the 20th century they were part of the Aeolian-American Piano Company empire. Fine old brands like Chickering, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Sohmer and others were also built by them at their factory in East Rochester, NY. Shortly after Aeolian-American’s demise in 1985, North American Music in New York acquired the rights to build the piano and the Galanti family have been wonderful stewards of this renowned old American brand. The instruments are currently built to the highest standards and integrity by highly-rated, modern factories in China.

Hallet Davis model HD185 Grand Piano 4 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Beautiful inside and out.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano

Baldwin model R Grand Piano

5′-8″ Baldwin Living Room Grand Piano.

In a warm, rich banded mahogany lacquer finish, this is a lovely musical instrument.  It has genuine ivory keys and they’re in flawless condition, which is a rarity.  The sharp keys are wood, and not plastic, so the keyboard has a unique, old-world feel.  The pianos’ structure is excellent, and it has had modest playing time.  It has lived in Albuquerque for decades, so it is happily acclimated to our arid climate.  Per our policy, we always source our pianos locally.  That makes for a stable instrument, musically.  Alexander Boggs, the owner of 88 Keys Piano Warehouse has tuned and serviced this piano for years.  We had to do very little to the piano in our restoration shop, just basic tuning, regulation, touch-up and cleaning.  The venerable Baldwin model R grand piano has been built for nearly a century and is one of the most popular Living Room grand pianos ever built.  At 5’-8”, it is a little longer than other competing pianos in its class.  They feature an unusually strong bass response that literally growls and a clear singing treble and a pleasing tenor.  That depth of bass in the Baldwin scale design permits the “walking bass line” employed by many jazz musicians.  It is rich in tonal colors and has a nice long duration of sustain and a truly marvelous dynamic range across the keyboard.  It could easily be mistaken for a 6’ piano.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Front at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Stately, handsome and dignified. American craftsmanship.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Tail at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Warm, rich banded mahogany lacquer finish.

Baldwins are a sturdy piano, and you’ll find them in institutional settings where they hold up well and are considered to be low maintenance.  They have been a favorite among private piano teachers who may not be able to afford the more expensive Steinway & Sons piano. Structurally, they were built like a Sherman tank, and you would find their studio uprights in the practice rooms of nearly every university or conservatory of music.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery and setup is included.  The original bench with storage is remarkably sturdy and well-built. 

Baldwin model R Grand Piano S# 122916 Mfg. 1953

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $9950.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Keyboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Beautiful yet built like a Sherman tank.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Harp at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

The Baldwin harp, treble bridge and soundboard.

This one was built in 1953, which may sound old, but this is a very good era for the Baldwin factory in Cincinnati.  They had access to fine old-growth woods which were plentiful and inexpensive.  Baldwin management took pride in their pianos and a lot of quality wood was left on the floor at the end of the day because it wasn’t quite good enough for its application in the piano.  They liked to quarter-saw the wood for superior dimensional stability though it was more wasteful than other cuts.  The factory was teeming with craftsmen, many of whom apprenticed there or and had a father who brought them in to learn the craft.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Bench at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Solidly built and durable Baldwin bench.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Logo at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Fallboard decal.

The D. H. Baldwin Piano Company was founded in 1863 by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin and became the largest selling American manufacturer of pianos throughout its long and rich history. They began piano production in 1890 after having retailed the Steinway & Sons and Chickering piano lines.  The model R is one of the Baldwin Artist series models and has long been a favorite of concert artists in all genres of music.  Most notable was Liberace who played exclusively on the Baldwin.  The official Baldwin Concert Artist list includes Dave Brubeck, Earl Wild, John Williams (Star Wars soundtrack) Aaron Copland (Boston Pops Orchestra conductor), Count Basie, Bruce Hornsby and a long roster of concert pianists, composers and musicians who endorsed them without any financial consideration.  The Audio Engineer Society published a study and ranked the Baldwin as having the best tonal quality of the five manufacturers, including Steinway that they reviewed.

Baldwin model R Grand Piano Medallion at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Established 1862 as D. H. Baldwin Piano Co.