Yamaha Model P2 Piano

Yamaha Model P2 Piano

Yamaha 45″ Professional Upright Piano.

Designed for schools and rehearsal areas, the Yamaha model P2 professional upright piano was often chosen by experienced pianists for both home and professional use. This is a one owner, purchased right here in Albuquerque in 1978 at Paul Muench Music being the local Yamaha dealer at the time; thus, it is acclimated perfectly to our high desert climate.  It was played very little, so it has minimal wear and tear in the action. The condition is excellent, structurally and aesthetically. The bass is robust whilst the treble is clear and bell-like.  The touch is classic Yamaha – fast and responsive.

This P2 Yamaha cabinet is a light walnut veneer finished in satin.  Being a Continental cabinetry style, it has a sleek, elegant profile that is suitable for a formal home decor.  The original bench with storage compartment is included.

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $4,450.

Yamahe model P2 console piano Yamaha  45" console Model P2  Mfg. 1977

Maintenance-free durability.

Yamaha P2 piano at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Excellent condition – structurally and aesthetically.

Yamaha P2 console piano at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Sleek Continental cabinetry styling.

AB Chase Upright Piano

AB Chase Upright Piano

AB Chase Upright Piano

This AB Chase piano was manufactured in 1904 in Norwalk, Ohio. Standing tall at 55″, this piano still retains classic ivory keys. Special features include a Sostenuto “Middle” pedal & so forth. The case is mahogany with an original matching bench with columnar legs and lots of detailed woodwork. This piano sounds awesome!

Offered for $2,450

AB Chase piano keyboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse
Sherman Clay Grand Piano

Sherman Clay Grand Piano

Sherman Clay 5′-8″ Grand Piano  

Manufactured in 1986 by Daewoo Corporation in Yeoju, South Korea, this is a classy, beautiful piano finished in high polish “French Vanilla” cream.  Sherman Clay was a prominent company which had a group of stores up and down the west coast until the Great Recession of 2008 put a damper on things.  The sound is pure and strong across all the octaves, and because of this it was featured in some local inspirational recordings.

Offered for $7,950.

Steinway Model M Grand Piano

Steinway Model M Grand Piano

Steinway Model M Grand Piano in Satin Mahogany

This classic grand was manufactured in 1927 at the Steinway & Sons factory located in Long Island, NY at the tail end of the so-called “Golden Age” of American piano making that essentially ended with the Great Depression in 1929. The M is the most popular model produced by Steinway & Sons over time. At 5′-7″ it fits comfortably in almost any space.

This particular piano was restored completely by Steinway & Sons at their New York factory…including a new soundboard. All the internal parts are genuine Steinway, and the mahogany case has been refinished back to its original factory condition in hand-rubbed lacquer. No corners were cut here. This is a certified Steinway & Sons rebuild, top to bottom, down to the solid brass casters. It has been in the possession of one family from the start who had the work done about 5 years ago. In the world of musical instruments there are pianos – and then there are Steinway & Sons. Own an heirloom piece of history!

Steinway & Sons model M Grand Piano in satin mahogany S# 256497 Mfg. 1927

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $54,500.

Steinway & Sons model M in mahogany current MSRP – $118,700

Steinway Model K Upright Piano

Steinway Model K Upright Piano

Steinway Model K  Upright Piano

     This upright piano was manufactured in 1992 and features a Satin Walnut finish with burl inlay. Standing tall at 52″ this is Steinway’s flagship upright featuring the classic “Steinway Sound”; you know it…the strong, singing treble and powerful bass, rich in harmonics. The dynamic range is wide thus allowing the pianist to play expressively, emotively. These are hand-crafted in the Steinway factory located in Astoria Park, Long Island, NY.  

     This particular studio is in like-new condition, having been lovingly maintained and tuned yearly.  The case is quite lovely with walnut burl inlays finished in hand rubbed satin lacquer It is a one-owner, having been purchased originally here in Albuquerque at Riedling Music.  The M.S.R.P. for a brand new model K Steinway is currently around $50,000. 

Offered for $18,950.