Baldwin 45 ” Vertical Piano in Italian Provincial.

This is the fine furniture version of the famous “Hamilton School Piano”, model 243. The Baldwin model 246 studio upright piano is also a sturdy workhorse but far more aesthetically pleasing than the plain, unadorned model 243.  Both pianos have the same scale design internally. The school piano was designed for heavy usage whether by a serious pianist at home, a busy teaching studio or at an educational institution.  As a result, this model is the most popular school piano in American piano building history.  University Music Department practice rooms are where the practice piano may see hours of playing every day by piano performance majors, and for years and decades.  For that reason, Baldwin builds them like Sherman tanks.

Baldwin model 246 Console Piano



Current comparable list price – $10,545.

They feature a heavy-duty back with extra thick backposts.  The plate was cast in the O.S. Kelly plant in the US; later plates were imported from Brazil.  These pianos are considered within the industry to be low-maintenance pianos.  The tuning stability is excellent due to their exclusive 19-ply pinblock, making service costs less and providing the pianist a better musical experience with an in-tune instrument. Synchro-tone bass strings last years longer than standard ones and provide a pleasing strong clear bass resonance.  They are more immune to false beats that make tuning difficult and create dissonance in the tone. The Baldwin model 246 studio upright piano bass response is legendary.  The famous Baldwin scale design makes for a clear, pretty tenor and treble as well.  They have a large music desk with a long sheet music lip so heavy books or long music charts can be accommodated.  Larger action parts and levers enable the exclusive Baldwin Full Blow Action to provide expressive and controlled performances.

Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright






This piano was built in 1999 at the modern Baldwin Piano Co. factory in Truman, Ark.  It was purchased locally in Albuquerque at King Music, the long-time Baldwin piano dealer, so it is happily acclimated to our climate.  It lived in a private residence and not a school.  There is minimal wear on the hammers and action.  The structural integrity is excellent.  All the tuning pins are tight.  All we had to do was bring it to pitch, adjust several minor regulation issues and give it a thorough cleaning in our piano restoration shop.  The cabinetry is constructed with high-quality American black walnut veneers and a hand-rubbed lacquer finish.  The furniture style is Italian Provincial. It has a warm and dignified appearance. The music rack is accented with a striking burl walnut inlay and wire screen surrounding it. The bench with music storage is original.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.  Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright Piano – 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $2950.

Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright






Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright Piano in excellent condition.

Baldwin model 246 Studio Upright