Boston Model 156 Performance Edition Piano in Ebony Polish.

Manufactured in 2000, this model 156 features a “wide-tail” design which enhances the surface area of the soundboard. At 5′ 1.5″ this is the smallest Boston grand offered. This is an incredible sounding piano for its size with a rich dynamic range all the way. When I sat down to play this piano I had to have it, for it spoke to me. The tenor sings and the treble is clear and bell-like. The bass is rich and definitely not muddy, which is often the case with small baby grands – but not this one! This is a very balanced sounding piano.

Boston is manufactured by Kawai in their main factory in Hamamatsu, Japan under contract with Steinway who did all the engineering, scale design. Steinway & Sons launched its Boston line of pianos in 1992. Having them built in Japan, Steinway benefits from the efficiency and high technology of the Japanese manufacturing process. Several design elements are identical to the Steinway piano. Both use duplex scaling & vertically laminated bridges for superior tonal transmission. The hammer flanges are scalloped to match the the profile of the hammer rail to promote ideal spacing. Thinner, tapered soundboards in both pianos help account for the duration, or sustain, of tone.

This piano was purchased locally in 2000 and has spent its entire life in Santa Fe. It is a one owner who thought it worthwhile to professionally maintain the piano; therefore, it is perfectly acclimated to our unique climate being the northern lobe of the Great Chihuahuan Desert. The piano is in superb condition- structurally and aesthetically.

Asking $14,950.

Boston grand piano soundboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse
Boston grand piano keyboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse