Boston model GP-163 Grand Piano

Boston by Steinway & Sons 5′-4″ Baby Grand Piano

Steinway & Sons launched its Boston line of pianos in 1992.  They are designed by Steinway engineers and built in the main Kawai piano factory in Hamamatsu, Japan.  Five models of grand pianos are available.  This Boston model GP-163 grand piano and the other models are sold only through select Steinway & Sons dealerships.  Having them built in Japan, Steinway takes advantage of the efficiency and high technology of the manufacturing process there.  Several design elements are identical to the Steinway piano.  Both use radial bracing that reinforces the rim and contributes to the longevity of the soundboard crown.  Both use vertically laminated bridges for better tonal transmission.  Hammer flanges are rosette-shaped to match the hammer rail in both pianos to promote better hammer spacing.  Thinner, tapered soundboards in both pianos account for that classic Steinway & Sons duration of tone (sustain).

It is 5’-4” so it is longer that the average baby grand.  Additionally, it has a very wide tail design so it performs like a much longer instrument.  Its soundboard size is certainly larger.  The bridges are permitted to be located closer to the lively, central part of the soundboard.  Steinway & Sons officials claim this innovation establishes the Boston piano as having an entirely new concept in piano design.  Most listeners believe they have a warmer, more mellow tonal color and musicality than other pianos built in Japan.  Boston pianos are used exclusively by a number of prestigious music schools and festivals including Aspen, Bowdoin, Brevard, Ravinia and Tanglewood.

Boston model GP-163 Grand Piano






This instrument was purchased locally in 1995.  It has spent its entire life so far in Santa Fe.  It is a one-owner who thought it worthwhile to professionally maintain the piano.  It is happily acclimated to our unique and arid climate.  The piano is in excellent condition – structurally and aesthetically.  It has minimal amounts of wear throughout the action.  It should provide the new owner decades of musical enjoyment and be a “forever piano”.  It is a pleasure to play.  The original Steinway & Sons Artist bench is included.  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $15,000.

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Boston model GP-163 Grand PianoBoston model GP-163 Grand Piano








The Boston model GP-163 Grand Piano in ebony satin.