Howard 36″ affordable Student Piano

Baldwins have long been favorites of piano teachers and have a well-earned reputation for being sturdy, well-built, maintenance-free instruments and the Baldwin spinet piano is by far, the best of its kind.  Many are passed down from generation to generation.  The Howard model is in the Baldwin family of pianos that include the Acrosonics and the Hamiltons.  It was designed as a more affordable, yet well-built alternative.  This instrument was designed for the home and the family.  They were built in Baldwin’s factory in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Many people like the low-profile appearance of the spinet but other manufacturers offer poorly built models just to achieve a low price point.  Baldwin defines the American sound.  The Howard shares aspects of the famous Baldwin scale design that makes for a clear pretty tenor and treble with a nice sustain.  The bass section is surprisingly gutsy and resonant for this piano’s 36″ height.  The touch is expressive and has a nice feel.  There is a large music desk with a long sheet music lip so heavy books or long music charts can be accommodated.  Howard Spinet Piano by Baldwin S# 72901  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $1250.

Howard Spinet Piano by Baldwin 2 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
Affordable yet well-built and functional alternative.

This piano was built in 1964.  It was purchased new at the iconic King Music here in Albuquerque so it is happily acclimated to our unique climate and shouldn’t have any service issues.  There is minimal wear on the hammers and action parts and all of the tuning pins are tight.  The structural integrity is excellent so we will happily offer a two-year warranty.  The cabinetry veneers are in genuine light-hued American walnut and the finish is satin lacquer.  The styling has a 1960’s retro vibe featuring round legs with vertical fluting, yet a decidedly square-shaped cabinet with plenty of 90-degree edges and corners. The original bench with storage is included.  Local, first-floor professional delivery is included.

Howard Spinet Piano by Baldwin 3 at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom
1960’s retro vibe with round legs and decidedly square cabinet.