Kawai 46-1/2″ Studio Upright Piano.

The Kawai Designer Series of pianos are some of the most beautiful pianos ever crafted and they were built in the USA. It was a limited series with only three cabinet styles. This small factory was located in Los Angeles, CA. The piano-actions themselves were precision-assembled with tight quality control at the main Kawai factory in Hamamatsu, Japan then installed into the pianos here. American technicians regulated and fine-tuned the actions, with their several thousand individual tiny parts. The lumber and woods used in the piano’s construction were domestic in origin and then kiln-dried for stability in the dryer American markets. With its ornate design and graceful nuances, the Kawai model 906 studio piano is a true objet d’art that will add a wealth of beauty and elegance to any home. The furniture style is French Provincial and the cabinetry veneers are fine Cherrywood with extensive Burl Ash intarsia and a satin lacquer hand-rubbed finish. Abundant flourishes abound, like intricate beveled surfaces, full-length sculpted French legs, a grand piano lid for better acoustics, curved moldings with inset panels, solid brass hardware and a more efficient Boston-style fallboard to protect the keys.

The Kawai model 906 studio piano is an extended upright. 45 inches is the standard height for this class of studio upright, yet this is 46-1/2 inches tall. The additional height actually makes a difference in the deep bass end allowing String #1 to be a nice 44-7/8 inches long. The soundboard area is also larger, like a bigger cone in a speaker. This spec is an impressive 2062 square inches. This moves more air and generates larger soundwaves to produce a greater foundation of bass tone and more power if desired. 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $3950.

Current new model MSRP – $10,695.

Kawai model 906 Studio PianoKawai model 906 Studio Piano






This patented Kawai Ultra Responsive piano-action is designed with longer keys (keysticks, technically) to improve the leverage situation and enable a wider dynamic range of volume. Shorter levers or keys, degrade leverage in basic physics. Quieter pianissimos and louder fortissimos are possible so the piano performs more expressively, allowing the player to play with more feeling, or emotively. This model has 16-1/2 inch keysticks compared to 14-1/4 inches in other Kawai models that are 42 inches tall. Additionally, high-tech polymer materials like ABS Styran are utilized in certain action components. Twenty-five years of intense testing has proven these materials to be more durable and dimensionally stable to wood in these critical areas.

Kawai model 906 Studio PianoKawai model 906 Studio Piano






This instrument was built in 2005, making it a young piano. It was played very little so it’s even younger in “piano years”.   It mainly served as the elegant focal point of the owners’ formal living room, which is never complete without 88 black and white piano keys. It was purchased new here in Albuquerque and is happily acclimated to our unique arid climate. The condition is excellent; aesthetically and structurally. It should provide many decades of musical enjoyment and we will be happy to offer a two-year warranty. We source our pianos locally, per company policy. We had to do very little in our restoration shop – just routine cleaning inside and out, tuning and minor regulations. The original matching bench with storage is included. Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.

Kawai and Norah JonesKawai French legs








French Provincial Cherry Kawai model 906 Studio Piano

Kawai Designer Series