Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

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Classic ebony Kawai 5’-1” Baby Grand Piano.

  A pleasing fusion of clarity and complexity, European-inspired and pleasant. This is undoubtedly why Steinway & Sons chose this factory to build their high-end Boston line of pianos. Renowned for their expressive tone and dynamic range that allow pianists to communicate with ease, this Kawai model KG-1C grand piano plays expressively, responsively and smoothly – like a warm knife through butter, comfortable and satisfying to play. The KG-series of pianos were immensely popular for Kawai here in the US and Canada. They were built in the main factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. The KG-series was re-branded to the RX-series later on and those were also a big hit.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Front at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Excellent condition – structurally and aesthetically.

Kawai pianos are often praised for having a tone that is warm, rich and mellow, not nearly as bright as some other Japanese manufactured models. They can have a more complex and nuanced sound that can express subtle emotions. Many serious pianists purchase the Kawai KG-series because of their tonal similarities to vastly more expensive Steinway models and the inability to afford them. It has a warmth that is very pleasant. The duration of tone is lengthy and lends itself to classical music. The treble has a nice singing quality. The bass response is excellent given the size of the scale. The overall tone quality is balanced across the compass of the keyboard. For an affordable instrument, it delivers a lot of musicality.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Decal at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, a former employee at Yamaha.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano, S# 550578, Mfg. 1971, Satin ebony finish.

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $4950.

This piano was purchased new in Albuquerque at the long-time Kawai and Steinway & Sons representative, Riedling Music in 1971. It is in excellent condition; structurally and aesthetically. We will be happy to offer a two-year warranty. The cabinetry is classic ebony with a traditional satin finish. We had to do very little in the way of service – mainly cleaning, a couple tunings for stability and some minor regulating. The original duet bench with storage is included. The middle pedal has a true Sostenuto function. The original bench with storage is included and so is local, first-floor delivery.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Strings at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

The soundboard, strings and bridges are in excellent condition.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Tenor at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Classic, traditional satin ebony finish.

Kawai model KG-1C Grand Piano Lid at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Full lid prop for maximum tonal output.