Kawai 41″ Italian Provincial style piano… SOLD

This piano is an economical well-built instrument that will offer decades of reliable enjoyment.  Structurally it is sound and aesthetically in very good condition.  Its condition is attributable to the modest amount of playing time it has received.  There is minimal wear in the moving action parts.  It has lived here in Albuquerque for most of its entire life so it is happily acclimated to our unique climate.  The Kawai traditional console piano is known to be virtually maintenance free.  We had to do very little in the way of service; tightening of the action screws, setting the strings, some minor regulating and then a concert tuning.  Rather than a simple key cover, this model sports a two-piece Boston fallboard that closes easily and will not scratch the sides of the cabinet.  The finish is a traditional American style satin lacquer light-toned walnut.  The cabinet style is Italian Provincial.  The music rack features a burl walnut accent piece.  The original bench is included.

Renowned for their expressive tone and dynamic range that allow pianists to communicate with ease, this Kawai piano plays expressively, accurately and smoothly – like a warm knife through butter.  The tone is European-inspired and mellow; not nearly as bright as some other Japanese manufactured models.  It has a warmth that is very pleasant.  The duration of tone is lengthy and lends itself to classical music.  The treble has a nice singing quality.  The bass response is excellent given the size of the scale.  The overall tone quality is balanced across the compass of the keyboard.  This model was built in the main Kawai factory located in Hamamatsu, Japan.  This factory is more desirable that the assembly factories in the US or Indonesia.  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $2450.

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Kawai Traditional Console PianoKawai Traditional Console Piano





Handsome Kawai Traditional Console Piano in light walnut.

Kawai Traditional Console Piano