SOLD… Kohler & Campbell 5′-4″ Baby Grand Piano.

Though it is cute and petite, this is still a grand piano possessing the superior piano-action inherent to most grand pianos.  It plays expressively, accurately and smoothly with a wide dynamic range.  With an attractive price tag, the Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 grand piano has been a big seller in the US and Canada, including Albuquerque.  It was purchased here new in 2006, so it is happily acclimated to our climate.  It is also a one-owner and never left the address it was originally delivered to until now, so it hasn’t been degraded by being moved around a lot.  The piano was barely played because it was intended to be the elegant focal point of the formal living room.  This means it has very little wear in the action, if any.  The condition is excellent, structurally and aesthetically.  We will be happy to warrant the instrument for two years.  The original bench with storage is included.  88 Keys Piano Warehouse price – $6950. Current pricing at

The tone quality is certainly not big, but it is pretty.  It wasn’t designed to fill a Concert Hall but its compact size is ideal for the average living room.  At 5’-4” in length, it is a large baby-grand piano.  Most are 5’ or shorter.  The extended size enables longer strings in the deep bass and a larger soundboard.  Both of these factors will provide a stronger bass response and a longer duration of sustain.  Its tone quality is a mainstream timbre, not too bright nor mellow.  The Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 grand piano proudly features German Roslau music wire which is considered to be the finest piano string in the industry. It’s an enjoyable play.  The finish is classic ebony satin.  The inside of the inner rim is finished in a reddish mahogany with an interesting grain pattern that contrasts nicely with the jet-black outer rim.

Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand PianoKohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand Piano







Kohler & Campbell began building pianos in 1894.  The factory was located in New York.  In the 1950’s a new factory was built in Granite Falls, North Carolina, taking advantage of the excellent lumber mills and local craftsmen.  That region is known for its fine furniture making.  With over 800,000 pianos built, this has been one of the most popular pianos in the history of American piano building.  The factory finally closed and production ceased in the US in 1985.  One of the largest piano companies in the world, Samick Musical Instruments of South Korea acquired the rights in the late 1990’s to build the Kohler & Campbell piano again and this model was manufactured in their modern state-of-the-art factory in Indonesia.


Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand PianoKohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand Piano

Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand Piano in classic satin ebony.

Kohler & Campbell model KIG-54 Grand Piano