Mason & Hamlin 5′ 8″ Living Room Grand Piano.

Made in the USA.  Hand-crafted in Boston.  The Mason & Hamlin model A grand piano is a legend in the piano industry.  

Nearly new, this instrument was purchased locally in 2009 and lived in Santa Fe, so it is happily acclimated to our unique climate.  It was barely played.  Its function was primarily the elegant focal point of the owners formal living room, surrounded by statuary, sculpture, valuable artwork and fine furniture.  The only service needed when we acquired the piano was a routine concert tuning, action regulation and some minor cleaning in our restoration shop.  The bench is a well-built and comfortable Artist model.  Complimentary local, first-floor delivery and setup is included.  It has a wonderful mellow and cultured tone quality, a long-lasting duration of tone comparable to lengthier grand pianos, a bell-like clarity in the treble, a warm harmonic resonance in the tenor and an exceptionally robust bass power.  This distinctive Mason & Hamlin tone is the result of a piano that is built using original Boston era designs with scrupulous attention to detail and accuracy.  The 5′-8″ model A is widely considered to be the world’s finest piano under six feet.

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The high-performance action enables the pianist fast repetition and execution of difficult passages. It’s wide dynamic range allows an expressive and emotive experience.  Accuracy and consistency define the Mason & Hamlin/Wessel, Nickel & Gross designed and assembled action.  They are a time-honored name in piano part manufacturing and this action is regarded among the world’s best.  This piano has the original, traditional all-wood design.  Piano actions in the industry have eschewed wood and moved on to non-traditional composite materials, including WNG.   The action rail is a unique, original design and consists of a square brass tube for rigidity, enclosing a hard-rock maple dowel for the components to be mounted to.  The square brass tube is C&C drilled, glass beaded and finished in lacquer.  Quarter-sawn Canadian maple comprises the parts in the action stack because of its dimensional stability.  The keyboard and keyframe are constructed from the highest grade of Eastern spruce.  The sharp keys are made from genuine ebony wood finished in lacquer for a better feel to the fingers.

Acclaimed and collected by generations of serious piano aficionados, Mason & Hamlin is the ultimate piano investment.  The combination of Old World craftsmanship with time-tested designs and materials make Mason & Hamlin model A grand piano one of the few investment-grade pianos built today.  As evidence of Mason & Hamlin’s unparalleled commitment to quality, fewer than 300 pianos are manufactured each year.  Thus, each piano is truly a one-of-a-kind original – a limited edition – and no doubt will perform and increase in value for decades to come.    88 Keys Piano Warehouse price – $29,500.

    Mason & Hamlin model A 2019 MSRP – $72,334.

Mason & Hamlin model A 2018 MSRP – $72,334.

Mason & Hamlin model A 2017 MSRP – $72,334.

Mason & Hamlin model A 2009 MSRP (10 years ago) – $53,590.

 The performance of a lifetime is assured by Mason & Hamlin’s patented Crown Retention System It is unique among piano manufacturers and it assures that your soundboard will retain its original contour and performance qualities.  In 1906 the company patented the Tension Resonator, a system comprising a hub and steel truss rods attached to the inner rim that enhances the instrument’s strength and rigidity, preserves its structural integrity, and reduces flattening stress on the soundboard’s crown. Consequently, seventy-five-year-old Masons often sound richer and they project and resonate tone better.  They are usually excellent candidates for the expenses of restoration when it is eventually needed.  The plate is sand cast iron and is full perimeter for additional strength and stability.  As a result, Mason & Hamlins weigh significantly more than other pianos.

Mason & Hamlin model A Grand Mason & Hamlin model A Grand








“Mason & Hamlin pianos are the Top Rated American Made Piano in the Highest Quality Category for Performance and Confidence.”  Larry Fine, “The Piano Book” (Fourth Edition)

Hand-made Mason & Hamlin model A Grand Piano in classic ebony satin.

Mason Hamlin Grand Piano
Mason Hamlin Grand Piano soundboard