Mason & Hamlin 6′-2″ Conservatory Grand Piano

This is a consignment piano from one of our friends.  We are selling it in “as is” condition so it won’t have our usual two-year warranty.  But we can vouch for the piano being functional and completely operational with a beautiful tone-quality.  This Mason & Hamlin model AA grand piano was built in the original factory in Boston, Mass. in 1927 during the “Golden Era” of American piano manufacturing.  It was essentially hand-crafted using hand tools and not powered tools because they were not quite developed yet.  Electricity in the factory was primarily for lighting.  There was more wood left on the floor at the end of the day than actually went into the piano because wood was plentiful and inexpensive at that time.   Only the best cuts of wood were used and imperfections were cut around. Therefore, it has an interesting “Roaring 20’s” historical perspective.  Astonishingly, the original bench is still intact and not lost somewhere along the way.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery and set-up are included.

Mason & Hamlin model AA Grand PianoMason & Hamlin model AA Grand Piano






It is finished in lacquered satin mahogany and it’s far from perfect.  Originally, the piano was ebonized, meaning satin black, so it was stripped and re-lacquered by the previous owner. She had found the instrument in a music studio in Boston where it had been aiding students for a long time. She was taking musical instruction on it and eventually inquired whether she could purchase it because she felt a connection. Eventually the studio agreed and she happily took it home. Upon retiring, she moved to Placitas, NM and brought it with her. The soundboard developed separations and cracks, probably due to the move and low relative humidity here. They are not negatively influencing the sound fortunately. At some point, a restoration will be in order but for now, one can appreciate the patina and original condition for what it is – a historical piano with a musical education history.  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $8450.

Current MSRP at – $87,025.

Mason & Hamlin model AA Grand PianoMade in the USA







Genuine ivory keytops adorn this Mason & Hamlin model AA Grand Piano!

Genuine ivory keytops