Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Bass at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

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Built in the Czech Republic.

  Petrof instruments are exceptional, revealing a round and romantic timbre in the purest European tradition. This Petrof model 131 Concert Upright is a superb piano with remarkable clarity and modern and refined aesthetics. Expressive with a wide dynamic range and a lovely palette of colors, it would be an excellent choice for a Conservatory or a private studio. Petrof pianos are known for their warm, rich European overall tone quality, full of color and a clear singing treble tone. They don’t necessarily have the tonal power and projection American pianos strive for though. But they excel at classical music with their darker, more mellow tone that “stresses the fundamental pitch” and attenuates the overtone structure normally associated with Asian pianos. They are ideal for Mozart and Beethoven. Someone with a “jazzier” taste in music would probably be better off with a different piano.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Concert at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

52-inch professional-grade performance piano. 

Petrof no longer offers wood finishes in their concert upright pianos, only the ebony polish finish.

The model 131 features the high-performance German designed and manufactured Louis Renner piano-action that permits the musician to fulfill themselves passionately and push their pianistic limits. Renner is only available for their larger uprights and larger grand pianos. Whereas nearly every other manufacturer’s strings randomly pass over a rounded Capo d’ astra bar, the model 131 has eighty-eight separate agraffes for permanent, ideal string spacing. The vast majority of pianos built today are in polished ebony, this is a unique polished walnut finish with an interesting vertical grain structure. It is more forgiving of dust, finger prints and minor “cobweb” scratches. The middle pedal is equipped with a Muffler function for quiet practice. The music desk is sturdy for large, heavy music books with a long sheet music lip to spread out musical scores. The original adjustable Artist bench is included. It is an elite bench built by the Italian company, Discacciati for some of the finest European pianos.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Renner at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Louis Renner piano-action, Stuttgart, Germany.

They are the largest piano manufacturer in Europe today, building nearly 6000 pianos annually.

At the time this model was built, there was a huge currency advantage for Czech Republic factories in all industries because they were not yet on the Euro currency. However, when fully regulated and prepped Petrof pianos could hold their own in comparison to more well-known high-end German piano manufacturers. At the time, labor rates were very low and there were no duty taxes to pay. The price of these pianos was only a fraction of that of other European instruments and sometimes even less expensive than pianos from Japan. This is no longer the case. Economic conditions have changed dramatically and the current model has a full MSRP of $50,644. Current Petrof model P 131 Concert Upright Piano.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Patented at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Numerous European piano performance awards.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano, S# 583629, Mfg. 2001, Walnut polish finish.

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $10,500.

The Petrof Piano Co. was established in 1864 by Antonin Petrof, born at Hrádec Kralové, Czechoslovakia in 1839. Antonin learned piano building from his uncle in Vienna and returned home to build his own pianos. The Czechs have long been known for their musical instrument building skills and vibrant music industry. The company grew and over the years moved into larger facilities and acquired other plants. Upright pianos came along in 1883 followed by player pianos. Family members began participating in the business. Antonin, Jr. joined the firm in 1908; Vladimir in 1914. Antonin, Sr. lived until 1915. Younger Petrofs Ivan and Dimitrij apprenticed in 1928. The company prospered and their pianos consistently earned prizes at international exhibitions. They embraced the advancement of technology and production became more sophisticated.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Lock at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Fallboard lock to protect the keys.

1939 brought WWII and the factory converted to war production and afterward in 1947 the State Ministry of Industry took over the company. All businesses in Czechoslovakia were nationalized this way and the Petrof family was forced out. Antonin, Jr. passed away in 1964 after his release from Communist imprisonment. With the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and the fall of the Soviet Union afterward, many state-run factories were able to become private businesses again. Fourth-generation Jan, son of Dimitrij, initiated the privatization process in 1991 in order to reclaim the company and in 2001 the factory was successfully passed into the hands of the Petrof family as the fifth generation was also admitted.

Petro model 131 Concert Upright Piano Agraffes at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

88 individual agraffes for superior, permanent sting spacing.

Petrof pianos were first imported into the US in 1985 by Geneva International based in Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Initially, they had a difficult time convincing piano dealers to carry a piano brand built in a communist country. Geneva’s response was “I’d argue that Czechs were not communists but rather were an invaded nation.” The tumbling of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 resulted in an independent Czech Republic and the Petrof piano began receiving the appreciation as a high-end piano it sorely deserved.

When properly prepared, they are a very good value.”

Larry Fine

Author, The Piano Book

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Discacciati at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Elite Artist’s bench built by the Italian company, Discacciati.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Music Desk at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Sturdy music desk to accommodate large books and long musical scores.

Petrof model 131 Concert Upright Piano Soundboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

This handmade solid spruce soundboard is the “heart” of the piano.