Petrof upright piano keyboard at 88 Keys Paino Warehouse
Petrof upright piano logo at 88 Keys Paino Warehouse

Petrof 42″ Console Piano

Striking red mahogany polish in the Chippendale style with matching padded bench.  Case also features an elegant grand-opening style top, as well.  The piano was purchased locally from the Petrof/Weinbach dealer at the time.  Manufactured 1999 in the Czech Republic, this represents the generation following the fall of the Iron Curtain just when Petrof entered the North American market.  The tuning pins hold perfect pitch & the soundboard has no cracks, which is a big concern for handcrafted European pianos here in the desert southwest.  This console has an elegant, sophisticated tone.

Offered for $4,500.

Petrof upright piano soundboard at 88 Keys Paino Warehouse