Sargent 46″ Studio Upright Piano

    This Sargent upright piano was manufactured in 1933  and features a light Walnut finish.

    At 46″ in height this represents the transition from the 55″ or taller monster uprights that predominated basically up until the advent of the great Depression in 1929.  It was built by DH Baldwin in Cincinnati just 9 years before 1942 when production of the Sargent models ceased…a victim of World War II imposed economics.  There’s nothing subtle about the sound; it’s strong and bright with a bass that is not “tubby”, which is so often the case with older upright pianos.  It checks out with no soundboard cracks, Baldwin tight tuning pins, etc.  

The case is in light walnut finished in traditional lacquer, and the original matching bench is there, too. 

Offered for $1,750. 

sargent upright piano side view at 88 Keys Piano swarehouse
sargent upright piano top view at 88 Keys Paino Warehouse