Steinway & Sons Grand Piano selected from Steinway Hall in New York… SOLD

The sole owner of this fine instrument traveled to New York in 1998 to purchase her Steinway directly from the source at Steinway Hall, “the center of the piano universe.”  The floors of this “Piano Mecca” have rung with the footsteps of the greatest names in music for over a hundred and fifty years.   The owner selected this particular piano from the selection available at the time, and she chose well!  It plays like a dream and it has a wonderful tone-quality!  That serial number was recorded for verification and the piano was shipped to Albuquerque and delivered to one of the largest estates on Rio Grande Blvd., surrounded by fine art, furnishings and sculptures.  It lived its entire life at that address in the very same room.  The piano has had a very stable life in a comfortable environment.  The condition is excellent – structurally and aesthetically.  It was more of an art selection than a musical instrument purchase.  This Steinway model L Living Room grand piano was rarely played and mainly served as a status symbol and focal point in a formal living room.  It is concert tuned and ready for a performance.  The original bench is included, which is an upgrade to an Artist bench that is adjustable for height.  Complimentary local, first-floor delivery is included.  Steinway model L Living Room Grand Piano – 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $44,950

Steinway model 40 console piano

Steinway Hall showroom in New York

Current model 2018 MSRP $83,300.

Steinway model L Living Room Grand pianoSteinway model L Living Room Grand Piano







Exquisite mint condition Steinway model L Living Room Grand Piano.


This model L features the classic “Steinway sound”; having a strong, singing treble and a powerful bass, rich in high harmonics.  The duration of tone (sustain time) is lengthy, which enables legato phrases to be enjoyed.  The dynamic range is wide, allowing the pianist to play expressively and emotively.  It is neither overly mellow and dull or overly bright and tinny.  The mid-treble, where most of the melody lines are played “sings” and doesn’t disappear under the background of an accompaniment.  The Steinway model L Living Room Grand piano has the power that most pianos aspire to but not the brash “loudness” that often results.  The patented Steinway “Diaphragmatic Soundboard design” permits a free and even response across the scale.  The construction permits the  soundboard to travel more freely and also displace a greater amount of air, which creates a richer, more lasting tone.  At the time this piano was built, nearly every classical Concert Pianist endorsed Steinway.  The Steinway Artist program currently has a roster of over 1800.  The artists have to pay for their own pianos and pledge to play exclusively on the Steinway piano.  Nearly every US concert hall and opera proudly purchased Steinway & Sons pianos.  Carnegie Hall even felt compelled to provide two concert grands for their performers’ choice – one built in New York and the other In Hamburg, Germany.

The Steinway & Sons piano action is the vanguard of piano actions.  Most of the 12,116 individual parts that comprise the model L are located here.  Steinway held most of the patents issued to piano manufacturers for action improvements including the exclusive “Accelerated Action” in 1936, which increases the speed of repetition.  Laboratory tests have proven that the keys on a Steinway piano can repeat 14% more quickly than other pianos.  In all, Steinway holds 126 patents.  The Tubular Metallic action frame maintains proper alignment of the action parts.  Other pianos will have a simple action rail made from wood or a cheap metal.  The patented “Hexagrip” pinblock is holding the tuning pins tightly, insuring its tuning stability.  The action of this piano has been well-regulated and ready now for concert performances.  There isn’t any wear throughout the mechanical parts, felts and buckskin so the piano should offer many decades of musical enjoyment.

Steinway model L Living Room Grand PianoSteinway model L Living Room Grand Piano








The model L is only 3-1/2 inches longer than the model M, but the scale design and tone are far superior.  The model L was introduced in 1923 (S#219684) by Frederick Steinway and its selling price was $1575.  This instrument is suitable for the more advanced player, larger living room and many school, teaching and institutional situations.  Numerous music schools and conservatories have become “All Steinway Schools” enabling the students to rehearse and perform on the piano that all others are judged by.  This is a powerful recruitment tool.  The Julliard School in New York became “All Steinway” in 1924.  Yale in 1897.  All Steinway Schools.

A status symbol and world-class musical instrument – Steinway model L Living Room Grand Piano.

Steinway model L Living Room Grand PianoSteinway model L Living Room Grand Piano