Steinway 54″ Upright Piano

Manufactured in 1882 in Long Island, New York, this piano was beautifully restored by Mr. Max Sever in the early 1980’s. Max was the piano guru here in Albuquerque dating all the way back to the 1940’s. I remember in the 90’s when I first met this gentleman; he had an entire warehouse full of piano parts, all carefully organized to the hilt.

This particular Steinway belonged to a prominent family in Belen for years. Aside from the cool Victorian styling with the ornate front panel scrollwork and original claw-footed stool, the piano has an impressive tone with a deep sounding bass and clean treble. There’s nothing to dislike here. One can own a rare, fully functioning piece of history.

Asking $10,950.

Steinway Upright Piano logo at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse
Steinway Upright pinao side view at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse
Steinway Upright piano end view at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse