Yamaha model M1E Console Piano

Yamaha model M1E Console Piano

Professional-grade Yamaha performance piano.

Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, the Yamaha vertical piano is among the most popular and respected world-wide.  They feature outstanding tone, touch and durability, and they are a perennial favorite among discerning pianists.  They offer excellent musical performance, setting the standards by which many other pianos are measured.  Refined Yamaha scale-designs and components improve the tonal performance, while other modifications enhance strength and longevity.  The Yamaha M1E console piano furniture style is contemporary and modeled on the Continental Consoles popular in Europe where living spaces can be smaller.  Without having legs and with its sleek modern styling, it’s slightly smaller than more traditional styles and even those few inches can make a difference.  The finish is classic satin ebony.  The contract between the abundant brass hardware and the black finish makes this an elegant, designer-quality furniture piece. The grand piano-style lid opens from the treble end for the same reason a grand piano does.  It permits the less powerful treble soundwaves and higher frequencies to escape for a better treble response.  It’s 43” height gives it a string-length advantage over the standard 40” height of most consoles and also permits a larger soundboard producing a stronger tone-quality.  The middle pedal has the mute rail function for nearly silent practice.  This model was built at the modern Yamaha factory in Thomaston, Georgia so it is Made in the USA!  Yamaha model M1E console piano S# T138990  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $3950.

Yamaha model M1E Console Piano Logo at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Made in the USA!

Yamaha model M1E Console Piano Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Grand piano-style lid.

This instrument has been a permanent resident here in Albuquerque, so it is happily acclimated to our unique climate.  It was purchased new at Music World, the longtime Yamaha piano dealership in Albuquerque.  Though the piano was built in 1990 it has a modest amount of wear (low mileage).  The overall condition is excellent; structurally and aesthetically.  We provided a thorough action regulation, cleaning and multiple tunings for stability in our restoration shop.  The tuning pins are tight, so it holds tune well.  Given Yamaha’s well-earned reputation for maintenance-free durability, this piano should provide decades of enjoyment and musical fulfillment.  The original bench with storage is included.  We’re happy to warrant the instrument for two years.    Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.

Yamaha model M1E Console Piano Ebony at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Excellent condition – structurally and aesthetically!

Yamaha model M1E Console Piano Front at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom

Brass hardware and black finish make a nice contrast.