Thomas Model G-50A 4’7″  Grand Paino in Teak in High Polish

    Manufactured in 1992 by the Samick Musical Instrument Mfg., Ltd in Inchon, Korea.  Thomas was a line owned by Hyundai (they weren’t just about cars) made under contract by Samick.  Hyundai’s corporate offices are located in Seoul, South Korea.  

    Immediately one’s eye is caught by the striking straight-sawn Teak case in high gloss.  At 4’7″ this is the ideal grand for that special nook.  

Asking $4,950.

Thomas G-50A Grand piano at 88 Keys Paino Warehouse
Thomas G-50A grand piano top at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse
Thomas grand piano soundboard at 88 Keys Paino warehouse