Tokai model G-170 5′-7″ Grand Piano

This elegant baby grand piano was the graceful 88-key focal point of the previous owner’s formal living room.  In addition to its beauty, it is also a functional musical instrument.  The Tokai grand piano featuring PianoCD player-system will fill your home with live, acoustic piano performances.  Enhance your intimate dinner parties, holiday open houses and other social gatherings with live music.  The keys move up and down.  The hammers strike the strings and the dampers lift and fall.  The soundboard pulses and vibrates to produce beautiful music that billows out of the lid for your delight.  Your favorite music is faithfully reproduced and skillfully performed.  Thirty-plus hours of music is included representing musical genres like Christmas, classical, standards, pop/rock and Broadway musicals, among others.  Several artists from Scott Joplin to Elton John have their music included too.  Your favorite style of music, group or artist can be ordered so you can add to your library.

This beautiful piano is finished in classic polished ebony.   Its condition is excellent; structurally and aesthetically.  It holds its tune.  The action is well-regulated.  The tone is rich.  It is equipped with the PianoDisc company’s PianoCD disk-player system that functions flawlessly.  This Tokai piano has lived in Albuquerque for decades so it is happily acclimated to this climate.  The player-system retrofit took place in late 2009 right here in Albuquerque.  It was played very little in its life and there is minimal wear in the piano-action and player system components.  It can be played automatically or by a pianist manually.  The holidays were the primary time of year the piano was used.  For the rest of the time, it was enjoyed for the wonderful furniture piece it is.  The original bench is included and it is an upgrade Artist bench that is adjustable for height.

This Tokai grand piano featuring PianoCD player-system uses CD’s for its performances and there are 31 of them included.  More song files are available for purchase through the 5000+ song-file PianoDisc library.  But other player-systems like Yamaha and QRS PianoMation have extensive software libraries that it is compatible with also.  MIDI ports are located on the controller unit so Standard MIDI Files (.MID) can be downloaded for free and stored on a laptop computer with a MIDI connector.  That means this piano will play an unlimited number of musical pieces.  There is a powered speaker mounted underneath for Symphony accompaniment music files that can include an orchestra or other musical groups playing along.  PianoCD user guide .pdf file   The system can easily be upgraded to the current wireless technology controllable by any wireless device, like your I-Phone, I-Pad or Android.  The new system will even join your home network for music-on-demand.  88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $9950.

Tokai Grand Piano featuring PianoCD player-system


Tokai Grand Piano featuring PianoCD player-systemTokai Grand Piano featuring PianoCD player-system






The player piano is a nostalgic part of American history.  Its heyday was from the turn of the century in 1900 until the poverty of the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  The development of an affordable family radio effectively ended the era of the player piano.  The music data was stored in the holes of paper player-rolls back then, of course.  They were pneumatic systems, meaning air pressure was required to activate the solenoids.  But player pianos did not become completely extinct.  The player-rolls continued to be made and there was a resurgence in the 1950’s when it became popular for old player pianos to be restored.  New technology brought electronic player-systems where the music data was stored on magnetic cassette tapes.  These systems were widely seen in Marriott Hotels in the 1970’s.  Then the late 1980’s brought us disk-player pianos where the music data was initially stored on 3-1/2” double-density floppy disks that held a whopping 720KB of memory.  In short order the industry went to high-density floppies of 1.44MB, capable of holding the new, much larger orchestrated (Symphony) song files.  The rest is history.








Elegant Tokai Grand Piano featuring PianoCD player-system in classic ebony polish.