Lyon Healy upright piano keyboard

Lyon & Healy Upright piano is an Elegant old Lady and a bit of Americana

Vintage 1878 and viable musicality in this 19th century period piece, meaning she plays well and looks great! This beautiful piano arrived in Albuquerque by way of the new railroad in 1889 and was unloaded at the train depot downtown. It was delivered by a horse drawn wagon east of downtown to the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

It stayed in the home and family for three generations. A fire department Captain acquired it from family members after the home was to be sold. It was taken to the Captain’s firehouse where he played it during down times. This was great entertainment for the other firefighters and himself. Upon his retirement two years later, 88 Keys Piano Warehouse became aware of the instrument and we acquired the Lady.

It features a completely original structure and parts, yet was brought to tuning and regulations by the technicians here. This process was done over several weeks. The finish was brought back using natural oils.

Lyon and Healy has a historical presence in American musical instrument building. This piano was literally built with hand tools – there was no electricity in the factory for tools or lighting, just the light furnished by way of the large open windows. All carvings were probably rendered using a variety of chisels, wooden mallets and rasps. The key-tops are genuine ivory and in great condition. It is tuned to the standard pitch of that era, meaning a little flat so it has a warm, mellow tone and is ideal for classical music.

Asking $2950