Weber model WG-150 4′-11″ Baby Grand Piano

Bring live, acoustic piano music to your home without paying and feeding a musician!  The sounds of melodies and airs can float through your home with this elegant grand piano.  And there is a difference between music from a small stereo speaker and that from an expansive spruce soundboard, pulsing and vibrating, pushing air and creating soundwaves.  The keys gracefully move up and down.  Wool hammers strike the piano strings.  Dampers rise and drop to damp the strings.  Play musical genres like classical, romantic dinner music, light jazz, Broadway showtunes, religious, etc.  Nine CD’s are included with the Weber grand piano player-system.  Your favorite style of music, group or artist can be ordered or downloaded so you can add to your library.  The player-system is a QRS PianoMation 2000CD+ branded with Weber’s tradename “Adagio”.  QRS was established in 1900 and has been the leader in player-piano paper-rolls and is now leading in digital technology in their player-systems.  The 2000CD+ player-system is playing well and they normally last a long time.  But it can be upgraded to the new QRS wireless network system if so desired.  Over 1300 song titles are included with the new upgrade.  QRS PianoMation 2000CD+ Product Manual

Weber Grand Piano Player-system

This is a 2004 one-owner piano and has lived its entire life in western New Mexico.  Per our policy, it was sourced locally from our unique high desert climate.  So, it is happily acclimated to the Albuquerque humidity levels.  The piano is in excellent condition structurally and nearly excellent condition aesthetically.  We have regulated and adjusted the piano-action in our piano restoration shop so it plays smoothly and accurately.  It is tuned to concert pitch and the tuning pins are nice and tight.  It has always been professionally serviced by a reputable technician.  The tone isn’t big but it is pretty.  It has a nice duration of tone.  The finish is classic ebony polished polyester resins.  The original padded bench with storage is included.  Complimentary local, first-floor professional delivery is included.  Weber Grand Piano Player-system. 88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – $8950.

Weber Grand Piano Player-system






Hallowed, staid and revered.  This is one of the most well-respected American piano makers.  Albert Weber was born in the aesthetic and cultural Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany in 1828.  He left for New York in 1844 as a sixteen-year old.  The Weber & Co. piano was then established in 1852 on White Street, New York when Albert was only twenty-four years of age.  He had earlier apprenticed and then built his first piano that year with the help of two assistants.  The following year, five pianos were built.  The first wareroom (retail showroom) was opened in 1869.  Eventually another was established in London, England too.  Albert lived a relatively short life of fifty years so Albert Jr. carried on after his fathers’ death in 1879.  He ran the prosperous company until 1903 when it became part of the start-up Aeolian Piano Co.  Aeolian merged later with the American Piano Co. to become Aeolian-American.  Some of the most prestigious brands like Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, Hallet-Davis, George Steck and obviously the Weber, were built throughout the 20th century in their factories.  Facing daunting competition from Asian imports in the late 60’s and 70’s, Aeolian-American lasted until 1985.  The following year, Young Chang of South Korea acquired the iconic Weber & Co. trade-name and they have built these pianos ever since.  The Albert Weber is their flagship line of premium pianos today and the AW-275 model 9’ Concert grand retails for $119,570.

 Live, acoustic music with Weber Grand Piano Player-system by QRS PianoMation