Weinbach 50″ Model 126E1 High Gloss Ebony Piano

     Manufactured by Petrof in Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic in 2003, this is simply a beautiful piano in pristine condition – not a scratch to be seen.  I worked for the then Petrof/Weinbach dealer in Albuquerque where this particular piano was purchased and have personally serviced and tuned it yearly since.  There is a Piano Life Saver (climate control system) installed, even.  Petrof/Weinbach pianos share features unique to the brand; for instance, there are a-graffs, or string guides, that extend all the way from the bass to the top treble thus ensuring proper hammer- to-string alignment and tuning stability.  The soundboard is the finest quality Bohemian spruce, tight grained.  One can go on and on about the merits of this piano.

     Petrof was established in 1864 by Anton Petrof who was born in 1835. Weinbach was established in 1884 at Jirikov, Czechoslovakia and was acquired by Petrof in 1985 just before the Velvet Revolution and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union.  In 1991 privatization of the company therefore began in earnest and was successfully completed by 2001 when the factory passed into the 5th generation of the Petrof family.  These are definitely hand-crafted instruments in every respect.

Asking $5,950.

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Weinbach studio piano keyboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse