Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Bass at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

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Yamaha 48” Professional Upright Piano.

  One of the most sought after and recommended preowned models on the market, they don’t come around very often (or nearly often enough). Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, the Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright piano is built in the main factory in Hamamatsu, Japan and offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. The “workhorse” model U1 is a part of the Yamaha Classic Collection. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, they feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. The U-series has historically been Yamaha’s most popular vertical piano line and has had huge financial success. They have had a very long production life for the piano industry. Numerous other models have been tried for a while and then discontinued or have evolved with a new feature and been renamed, but the U1 has endured. Living space is at a premium in Japan and Europe so fewer grands are sold, making a strong case for a high-quality upright like this. Yamaha also has factories situated in China and Indonesia where their lesser quality lines of pianos are built. Lower labor costs there enable more economical price points, however discerning pianists normally find the Japanese models more desirable.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Keyboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Traditional and classic satin ebony finish.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Decal at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Piano technicians probably recommend Yamaha uprights more than any other brand.

Yamaha has had a well-deserved reputation for superior quality control and virtually perfect preparation at the factory. They arrive at the dealership in flawless condition. Technicians are enthusiastic about servicing them due to their exceptional engineering and design. Many highly respected musicians are Yamaha Artists and endorse these pianos. Elton John comes to mind. Many schools of music have become All-Yamaha Schools as a means to attract students desiring higher-quality musical instruments during their studies and practice. Institutions especially appreciate the low-maintenance aspect of this model because they are averse to recurring budget costs for tuning and service. You will find the U1 everywhere a professional grade piano is required including Music Department faculty offices and some practice rooms, houses of worship, on stage, in the recording studio, and even in homes of discerning pianists.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Treble at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

The lid-prop open position allows waves to escape for full tone quality.

It’s no surprise that the U-Series has been the world’s most popular upright for over half a century.


Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright piano, 48-inches height, S# 1656986, Ebony satin finish, Mfg. 1973.

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – only $4450.

Current Yamaha model U1 MSRP – $11,999.

As always, this piano is sourced locally, per our company policy. It was purchased new right here in Albuquerque at the original Authorized Yamaha piano dealership at the time, Paul Muench Music and has spent its entire life here. So, it is happily acclimated and well-adjusted to our unique desert Southwest climate. It was played very little so the moving parts in the action have modest wear for its age. It is in good condition – structurally and should offer the next owner years of musical fulfillment. We only had to perform our usual dealer prep and nothing more in the 88 Keys Piano restoration shop. That means pitch correction, voicing, tightening of action screws, minor action regulation, and a thorough cleaning inside. It would be an excellent choice for a rehearsal or practice piano for a serious player or an educational instrument in a teaching studio. Hurry on this particular piano, it won’t be here long!

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Logo at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

The Yamaha logo is actually three musical tuning forks, even on a snowmobile!

It has the classic Yamaha “feel”; the precision, accuracy and responsiveness that permits vivid musical expression and a wide dynamic range. It also has the classic Yamaha evenness of touch; fast, accurate and responsive with an excellent repetition. The tone is classic Yamaha. It is colorful, harmonic-rich and sonorous with an excellent dynamic range, meaning the pianist can perform the subtlest pianissimo and most forceful fortissimo. Being a 48-inch vertical with longer bass strings and a larger soundboard, the bass response is strong and robust. The treble is strong and the tenor is rich. It’s a pleasure to play.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Fallboard at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

The fallboard protects the keyboard and little fingers. It locks too.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Model at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Pictured is the legendary Yamaha U1 piano-action.

Yamaha model U1 Studio Upright Piano 3 Hammers at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

The piano-action is in great condition and well-regulated.