Mason & Hamlin model BB Semi-Concert Grand Piano

Mason Hamlin model BB grand piano at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

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Mason & Hamlin 7′ Grand Piano – made in the USA


Hand-crafted in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  This classic Mason & Hamlin grand piano is nearly new.  It was built in 2000 and purchased locally in 2001 then lived in Albuquerque’s north valley the entire time since.  It is finished in mahogany satin lacquer with a topcoat of polyester resins for durability.  It includes the original adjustable Artist bench.  Excellent technicians have cared for the piano regularly.  The legendary model BB is designed for spacious homes, conservatories of music, professional recording studios, auditoriums and for serious pianists.  It has a wonderful mellow and cultured tone quality and a long-lasting duration of tone comparable to full concert grand pianos.  The timbre consists of a bell-like clarity in the treble, a warm harmonic resonance in the tenor and an exceptionally powerful bass response sometimes called “the growl”.  This distinctive Mason & Hamlin tone is the result of a piano that is built using the original Boston model BB design with scrupulous attention to detail and accuracy.  Downbeat Magazine reported, “The Mason & Hamlin model BB semi-concert grand piano plays with the consistency and response of the finest concert grand pianos.”

“The growling power of the Mason & Hamlin bass is most evident in the 7′ model BB.”  Larry Fine, AuthorThe Piano Book

Rosewood sharp keys with ebony-wood caps.

Mason Hamlin grand top at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Warm satin mahogany lacquer finish.

Acclaimed and collected by generations of serious piano aficionados, Mason & Hamlin is the ultimate piano investment.  The combination of Old-World craftsmanship with time-tested designs and materials makes Mason & Hamlin one of the few investment-grade pianos built today.  As evidence of Mason & Hamlin’s unparalleled commitment to quality, fewer than 300 pianos are manufactured each year.  Thus, each piano is truly a one-of-a-kind original – a limited edition – and no doubt will perform and increase in value for decades to come.

88 Keys Piano Warehouse & Showroom price – only $45,000. 

Current MSRP on new Mason & Hamlin model BB – $127,031.

The current models are perfect reproductions of their very best 20th-century models, and they are still the costliest piano to produce.  The original Mason & Hamlin scale designs were developed by Richard Gertz in the early 1900’s, including the Duplex Scale, Screw Stringer and the Tension Resonator, a remarkable device that was designed to maintain the crown of the soundboard for the life of the piano.  The performance of a lifetime is assured by Mason & Hamlin’s patented Crown Retention System.  It is unique among piano manufacturers, and it assures that your soundboard will retain its original contoured “crown” and continue to provide performance qualities like power, projection and sustain duration.  Consequently, seventy-five-year-old Masons often sound as rich, and project and resonate tone as well as they did when new.  They are usually excellent candidates for the expenses of restoration when it is eventually needed.

The Mason & Hamlin model BB semi-concert grand piano soundboard is constructed of the finest grade, air-cured, kiln-conditioned Canada eastern white spruce.  It is treated and monitored in the factory to maintain the correct moisture content ensuring stability and longevity.  It is precisely installed by hand and is pre-crowned and tapered for optimal tonal resonance.  The pinblock is built using 7-ply quarter-sawn hard-rock maple.  Each layer is carefully positioned at a 90-degree angle for maximum strength in gripping the tuning pins.  The rim is remarkably thick with 18-ply laminations, the beams are overly sturdy, and the sand-cast grey iron plate has a full perimeter design for extra strength.  The piano is built like a Sherman tank on steroids!

“Mason & Hamlin pianos are the Top-Rated American Made Piano in the Highest Quality Category for Performance and Confidence.”    Larry Fine, “The Piano Book” (Fourth Edition)

Accuracy and consistency define Mason & Hamlin’s own Wessel, Nickel & Gross piano-action.  WNG was a major supplier to American piano builders and a time-honored name in precision piano-part manufacturing and action-design.  Their piano-action is regarded among the world’s very best, and it is a pleasure to play.  This high-performance action enables the pianist a faster repetition for execution of difficult musical passages not possible on lesser ones. Its wide dynamic range allows an expressive and emotive experience for the listener.  The action rail is a unique, original design and consists of a square brass tube for rigidity, enclosing a hard-rock maple dowel for the components to be accurately and permanently mounted to.  This square brass tube is C&C drilled, glass beaded and finished in lacquer for lasting stability.  The beautiful sharp keys are made from genuine rosewood with ebony-wood caps.  Our 88 Keys restoration shop has performed a complete regulation on the piano-action, and it is ready for the performance.


mason hamlin grand piano at 88 Keys Piano Warehouse

Hand-made by American craftsmen in Boston.

Mason Hamlin sound board

Excellent condition – structurally and aesthetically.

Mason & Hamlin – Then and now…

In 1854, two brilliant idealists, Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin, founded the Mason & Hamlin Piano Company in Boston, Massachusetts: the birthplace of American piano design and manufacturing.  Although their backgrounds and interests were very different, the two men shared a common goal: to make the world’s finest musical instruments.  In 1996 one of the most successful businesses in the industry was PianoDisc, a manufacturer of computerized player systems for acoustic pianos.  Gary and Kirk Burgett, the owners, were longtime fans of Mason & Hamlin pianos.  When they heard the company was for sale, they bought it.  Just like the original founders, the Burgett brothers brought unique and diverse experience and interests to their partnership.